Baby’s first cover art!(!!!) AND SIGNING!!!(!!!!!!)

So last month I had the chance to work with the guys behind Kill Shakespeare (a comic should be reading) to produce an exclusive cover for the Silver Snail (a fixture in Toronto geek culture and dispensary of quality comics and related goods).

I was especially thrilled with the project because I’ve been going to the Snail since I was an insufferable tween obsessing over Naruto and CLAMP, and the store has only facilitated my growth as a comics fan from that time.

The Silver Snail will also be hosting a signing event this Saturday, the 23rd from 1-4PM with the creators and myself, to celebrate the release of Kill Shakespeare The Tide of Blood Issue #1. Come on down to the new location at 329 Yonge street just off Yonge Dundas square (above the Five Guys) and say hi!

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    Always liked this cover ;)
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    internal screaming because I want to go but I’d probably be real creepy and ask for a million signings of the Starfire -...
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  5. ashazzminscreed said: Checking really quickly over in BC, but congratulations and I’m so sorry to be missing your signing!! Would definitely be there otherwise!!
  6. dicksweredinner said: awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah
  7. captspacecase said: I LOVE that it’s got the exterior of the old store but the interior of the new store. Nice work!
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    Woohoo! Congrats Maya!
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    oh shit im gonna be in TO this weekend!
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