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Kelly my dog has pigeon neck


French & African (Senegalese/Beninese) model Onnys Aho

Personally I liked the freshly hot combed look but he keeps it short now.

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stop being adorable, you jerks. i’m trying to get things done.

Hey Kelly


Nodding to fashion’s ongoing preoccupation with pushing gender boundaries comes ‘Studs’, a series of ten unique photo studies. Exploring the idea of a third gender, Simon Foxton and Bea Sweet recruit a range of subjects who refuse to comply with traditional notions of the sexes. The portraits - each a study of unconventional beauty - are captured by Nick Knight in stills and fashion film.


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I’m sick as a dog and can’t focus on any of my actual work, so I doodled a Tigris.

This is actually the first time I’ve been ill since ~two years ago when Kelly left Toronto so I guess it’s appropriate?



And what. the fuck. Is wrong with muscles for show?

squid why do people always get mad at you for the weirdest shit

ITT people take things out of context (this is from a tutorial about the proper use of musculature when it comes to character design) and get all butthurt for no reason.

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