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Honorary Male


Man, kind of want a tattoo of this.





Bakuman comic what.


This would actually probably have been way more entertaining.


I might have actually kept reading if this was the case :T Imagine the LOVE INTERESTS.

I tried giving Bakuman a chance, but I had no interest in the stuff that goes into writing a shonen manga, also the contrived love interest bullshit (“WE AREN’T GOING TO LOOK AT EACH OTHER OR SPEAK FACE TO FACE UNTIL MY MANGA BECOMES AN ANIME AND YOU ARE A VOICE ACTRESS FOR THAT ANIME AND THEN WE’LL GET MARRIED" or something) really felt out of place even for a slice of life.
If it centred on some chicks writing shoujo, it would make SO MUCH MORE SENSE and I would be reading that shit right the fuck now.
Fire Spike.
Quick Mignola style fan art of Gunnerkrigg Court.
Fairly certain it’s been done before, and I’d be damn surprised if it hasn’t.
Gabrielle from Sister Claire.
I’ve been dying to draw dat hair since I first read the comic.
I might do some more colour work on this later, but I’m supposed to be moving out within the next week so heavy emphasis on the maybe.
Today’s warm up.

SPOILERS! Is an show about movie spoilers that I will be contributing an illustration to sell based on one of my favorite movies, THE CELL. This picture is a just little preview of the final illustration.
Much to my dismay, I will not be able attend but! there will be lots of snazzy art for sale from people like  Polly Guo and Jemma Salume! It will surely be worth the trip, if you’re in the NYC area. :3

Oh hey I’m also in this thing. I can’t attend either, unfortunately, but I’ll be there in spirit.
And by spirit I mean in layers of Leonardo Dicaprio’s visage on mylar
bluh bluh non-painty warm ups are a bad idea bluh.
Earth 0 and Earth 11 Booster, Ted and Jaime.
I was always under the impression that Ted would take the loss of Booster harder than Booster took the loss of Ted, so Earth 11 Ted is kind of a big sulk.
Dicking around with warm ups turned into Annie from Gunnerkrigg Court.