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2009. Unknown photog., this was when the six of us — Christine, Diane, Emmy, Maya, myself and a friend of Christine’s as Harleen Quinzel — were stuck in one spot for like… forty minutes, and then we went out to the balcony for some reason. A photoshoot, I think. I find the third picture hilarious because Emmy is looking in the wrong direction, like Cass Cain is paying attention to some terrible force behind us while we’re all like DURR HURRRRRR PHOTO??

Hey Maya you remember that time you were working on a Blue Beetle costume 2.0?

You should get on that.

I got a bunch of comments from friends going “oh hey nice BB costume” last week out of nowhere, but it was all thanks to this photoset from memory lane. This was the first time I met Emmy and Jenn and my only meeting with Christine (so far…)

Good times, FanExpo 2009.


Batgirl’s Supergirl outfit, as requested

Hey Jenn.



I think I’m in love.


What a cutie.

(…I hope she’s wearing circle lenses because those irises are so huge they are freaking me out bro)

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